The Night Circus

Feature Film

17 de outubro de 2012

Igor Kaurus is a documentarist who is trying to make a documentary about death. His only assistant in this production is Pedro, a young filmmaker who is hired to be the camera operator.

They are helped by a palliative care doctor who tells them that the terminal patient goes through a grief process when discovers that he has not much time left to live.

So, they look for families that have already dealt with the grief process and try to learn with them. The first one is the family of an old musician. Three years before, his wife had received a three months life expectation, but she was still alive. Igor interviews the family and gets close to them to understand that death makes the human experience extremely intimate.

Associate Producers Julio Santi
Maria Teresa Rezende
Rafael Steinhauser
Produced by Julio Santi, Tati Setton
Direction of Production Tati Setton
Assistants Fernando Chiari
Anna Lívia Marques
Cathering Ines Teles
Cláudia Lucena
Written and directed by Julio Santi
Assistant João Segall
Second Assistant Valerie Mesquita
Art Direction Clara Spallicci
Art Production Catharina Galiardi
Wardrobe Claudia Rodrigues
Assistant Julia Lynn Gordon-Firing
Assistant Thaís Costa
Assistant Aline Gomes Soares
Make-up Marília Martins
Designer Guilherme Rufino
Graphite Chivitz
Sound Design Leo Ciotti
Boom Fabio Meneghin Marques
Mix Leo Ciotti
DOP Flora Dias
First Assistant Alice Drummond
Second Assistant Marcos Botelho
Gaffer Hassan Shahateet
Stills Marcos Botelho
Circus Footage Julio Santi
Special Thanks Circo Stankovich
Montage Julio Santi
Color Grading D.T. Muller
Credits D.T. Muller
Special Effects D.T. Muller
Poster Cristian Slavik
Original Score Tomaz Vital
Igor Kaurus Fábio Takeo
Pedro Pelliccini Ricardo Gimenes
Dr. Ricardo Rafael Steinhauser
Paulo Rodrigues Genézio de Barros
Elza Rodrigues Bete Dorgam
Joana Rodrigues Silvia Sivieri
Lucas Rodrigues Marcelo Cortez
Maurão Val Pires
Márcia de Almeida Denise Weinberg
Secretário de Cultura Fernando Nitsch
Maximiliano Krapp Dagoberto Feliz
Dr. Sérgio Danilo Grangheia
Lúcia Sonia Guedes

Oaxaca Film Fest 2013, Mexico - Honorable Mention Award

Novma Film Festival 2013, Colombia –  Best Feature Film Award

Rengo International Film Festival, Chile - Best Director Award

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